The feasibility study of DVDC project (lifetime of pavement structure) has been approved by the french ministry of ecology. The project is now being setting up to obtain the definitive approval to become a “national project”.


Road infrastructures are subject to a natural ageing induced under the effect of external solicitations (traffic, weather, loads, etc.). Maintenance of road infrastructure represents a considerable economic issue, particularly in the context of decreasing budgets for these activities. Consequently, this heritage has to be maintained in a state that guarantees it carries out its functions, with an eligible user security level. Knowledge of the life of the pavement structure (initial and residual over time) is a key element in achieving this goal.

The feasibility study for a national research project on the lifetime of pavement (DVDC – Durée de Vie Des Chaussées) has established a state of the art on maintenance techniques, degradation mechanisms and methods of measurement and auscultation. Scientific and technical obstacles have been identified on these issues, which allowed building an ambitious research program that will meet the objectives. The research program is structured into four themes: (i) the degradation mechanisms of roads, (ii) the characterization of the state of a network, (iii) the evaluation of the remaining life of the pavement layers and (iv) the design and maintenance practices.

The partners that will be involved in this project are the community network managers, construction companies, motorway concession companies, consulting firms / engineering, public institutions for research and expertise, laboratories (Grandes Ecoles and Universities), etc.