La version anglaise des “Recommandations pour le dimensionnement des pieux sous chargements cycliques” du Projet National SOLCYP est disponible aux éditions ISTE / Wiley.

Design of Piles Under Cyclic Loading

Recent developments in the fields of energy, transport and industrial engineering have led to the emergence of new types of structures and infrastructures subject to variable stresses, for which the usual methods for designing pile foundations are now inadequate.

The recommendations presented in this book will help to partly fill this technical gap by proposing a methodological approach and calculation methods to take account of the effects of cyclic loads in the design of foundations on piles. These are based on both laboratory and full scale experiments, and on modeling carried out within the framework of the national SOLCYP project.

This collaborative research project allows for fundamental advances not only in the understanding of the phenomena but also in the development of practical calculation methods that can be used by engineers.


Le Projet National SOLCYP est un projet de recherche collaborative qui a permis d’améliorer les connaissances sur le comportement des pieux de fondations soumis à des sollicitations cycliques et de proposer des procédures permettant la prise en compte de l’effet des cycles dans le dimensionnement des ouvrages de génie civil ou maritime.